Orchestrated in Cape Town’s lovely Southern Suburbs, Zone Wynberg features a totally arranged cardio and weights portion, and moreover an oxygen expending studio encouraging a collection of wellbeing classes. Notwithstanding whether you’re an understudy, housewife or business capable, Zone Wynberg has the sort of satisfying air that charms itself to all.

Electronic Cardiovascular Equipment: Cardio getting ready is any movement that lifts your heart rate. This has different therapeutic preferences: expending calories, helping you lose muscle versus fat and invigorating your heart and lungs.


Step machines

Cross coaches


Paddling machines

Free Weights Area

Free Weights Area: Strength getting ready advances more muscle, cuts down muscle to fat proportion, braces joints and bones and additions cardiovascular wellbeing. Our Free Weights Area consolidates:

Dumbbells up to 65 kg

Standard barbell

EZ Curl Bar

Olympic barbells


Assurance Training

Assurance Training: Resistance getting ready incorporates works on influencing muscles to contract against an external insurance. This kind of action manufactures quality, tone, mass and continuation. Our Resistance Training gear consolidates:

Stomach region rehearse machines

Lower body hone machines

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