Navy Seal Training

I’ll introduce my offensiveness of this distorted preparing system by expressing that I have a boundless reverence and regard for the men and ladies who gladly serve our nation and jeopardize their lives to secure our flexibility. Further, I have companions and collaborators who by and by serve or who have served our nation. I am likewise mindful of the huge measure of assets and fastidious arranging that is associated with preparing our military work force, including our Navy SEALS.

I’ll proceed by saying that strategic preparing fills its need in improving our military work force arranged for battle and the different missions they intrepidly complete. Be that as it may, bastardizations of strategic preparing, including what mentors wrongly promote as “Naval force SEAL preparing,” are simply stupid. Call me a quality preparing perfectionist, however I immovably trust that specificity rules in enhancing athletic execution. Taking part in group exercises, which incorporate practices and quality and molding sessions, ought to be sufficiently adequate in building up brotherhood and group solidarity. Bouncing in solidifying water, paddling an inflatable pontoon, and playing out an endless number of push-ups with shape so despicable it would make even Hellen Keller’s eyes drain may make bent affectionate recollections, yet it wouldn’t do poop for your execution. Quality and molding mentors who run their groups through this sort of preparing truly undermine the authenticity of our industry and impolitely ridicule strategic preparing experts and military work force.

So before you consider special forces or Navy SEAL preparing, contemplate how a preparation program totally inconsequential to the rigors of military battle—say one planned exclusively to one’s energy clean by means of a ultra-high volume program—bodes well. It doesn’t.

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