Our Muizenberg Zone features best in class equipment and workplaces for its people’s most outrageous convenience.

Join our Muizenberg club to get fit and more worthwhile. Be the change that you have to see!

Electronic Cardiovascular Equipment

Electronic Cardiovascular Equipment: Cardio planning is any action that raises your heart rate. This has different medicinal points of interest: devouring calories, helping you lose muscle to fat proportion and fortifying your heart and lungs.


Step machines

Cross mentors


Paddling machines

Free Weights Area

Free Weights Area: Strength getting ready advances more muscle, cuts down muscle versus fat, invigorates joints and bones and augmentations cardiovascular health. Our Free Weights Area joins:

Insurance Training

Insurance Training: Resistance planning incorporates works on influencing muscles to contract against an external assurance. This kind of movement extends quality, tone, mass and duration. Our Resistance Training equipment consolidates:

Stomach region rehearse machines

Lower body hone machines

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