The NEW, BIGGER and BETTER Zone Milnerton is deliberately set at Sable Square Center and is set up to take you to the accompanying level of wellbeing!

Zone Milnerton features a totally arranged cardio and weights territory and a heart fortifying activity studio encouraging a collection of health classes.

Electronic Cardiovascular Equipment

Electronic Cardiovascular Equipment: Cardio getting ready is any action that derricks your heart rate. This has different therapeutic favorable circumstances: devouring calories, helping you lose muscle versus fat and bracing your heart and lungs.


Step machines

Cross tutors


Paddling machines

Free Weights Area

Free Weights Area: Strength planning propels more muscle, cuts down muscle to fat proportion, fortifies joints and bones and augmentations cardiovascular health. Our Free Weights Area consolidates:

Dumbbells up to 65 kg

Standard barbell

EZ Curl Bar

Olympic barbells


Security Training

Security Training: Resistance planning incorporates works on influencing muscles to contract against an external assurance. This sort of movement manufactures quality, tone, mass and continuation. Our Resistance Training equipment fuses:

Stomach territory rehearse machines

Lower body rehearse machines

Oxygen consuming activity incorporates practices where sweeping muscles in arms, legs and hips move on and on, growing heart rate and building cardiovascular health and tirelessness.

Our Aerobic Studio offers a full extent of high effect practice classes. Advice the Program territory for class offerings and timetables.

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