Kloof Street

Rebuilds are done and we are anxious to reveal to you that we are presently open for the two women AND men!

Kloof Street Women!

We’ve opened up the enlistments for all women who are people from the Kloof Street club to make usage of any of our distinctive branches for the length of the overhauls! We are anxious to welcome you back in October.

Electronic Cardiovascular Equipment: Cardio planning is any movement that raises your heart rate. This has different therapeutic focal points: expending calories, helping you lose muscle to fat proportion and fortifying your heart and lungs.


Step machines

Cross mentors


Paddling machines

Free Weights Area

Free Weights Area: Strength getting ready advances more muscle, cuts down muscle versus fat, braces joints and bones and additions cardiovascular wellbeing. Our Free Weights Area fuses:

Dumbbells up to 65 kg

Standard barbell

EZ Curl Bar

Olympic barbells


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