Cobble Walk

Cape Town’s Northern Suburbs Zone Fitness, Cobble Walk incorporates an oxygen expending studio and a totally arranged cardio and weight getting ready territory.

Electronic Cardiovascular Equipment

Electronic Cardiovascular Equipment: Cardio planning is any movement that derricks your heart rate. This has different therapeutic points of interest: devouring calories, helping you lose muscle versus fat and sustaining your heart and lungs.


Step machines

Cross mentors


Paddling machines

Free Weights Area

Free Weights Area: Strength planning propels more muscle, cuts down muscle versus fat, sustains joints and bones and additions cardiovascular health. Our Free Weights Area joins:

Dumbbells up to 65 kg

Standard barbell

EZ Curl Bar

Olympic barbells


Vigorous Studio

Vigorous Studio: Aerobic exercise incorporates practices where considerable muscles in arms, legs and hips move on and on, growing heart rate and building cardiovascular wellbeing and duration.

Our Aerobic Studio offers a full extent of high effect practice classes. Direction the Program territory for class offerings and timetables.

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